Snöfrid (Peaceful Snow)

Snöfrid has evolved from a vague idea to a persona, a Scandinavian woman, possessing both depth and glamour, who feels a close affinity to Chanel no 5. Snöfrid is an art magazine. She thinks of herself as a mirror that shatters the world around her into a reflective image of herself and her readers. Snöfrid will tell you about phenomena and people that excite her most for the moment, discussing and performing the analysis with the help of different collaborators.

Snöfrid was born at Treriksröset (the point where the borders of Sweden, Norway and Finland meet, north of the polar circle). She is now based in Stockholm and New York. Snöfrid is a woman who never talks about her age. She appeared the first time publicly during Art Basel Miami 2006, where she gave ten blueberry lollipops shaped-like white snowflakes to ten people who never met her, but who are literati and glitterati just like her.



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