World premiere: SNÖFRID #0

November 16th, 8-11 PM

at Smith-Stewart and Fruit & Flower Deli on 53 Stanton Street, NYC.

Co-presented by Snofrid and PERFORMA for PERFORMA07, the second visual art performance biennial.

Issue °0 is a performance manual that can be used by readers to create their own performance.

Contributors: Michael Portnoy (NYC) Alison Knowles (NYC) Are you meaning company (Berlin, Nagoya) assume vivid astro focus (NYC) Fia Backström (NYC) Rainer Ganahl (NYC) Karl Holmqvist (Berlin, Stockholm) David Adamo (NYC) International Festival (Stockholm/Nilreb/Heaven) Shaun El C. Leonardo (NYC) Jelena Rundqvist (Stockholm) Hans Isaksson (Stockholm) Emily Sundblad (NYC) Zoila Imaculada de la Concepción (NYC, Santiago de Chile) Elke Krystufek (Vienna) Marianne Vitale (NYC) Allan Kaprow (NYC † 2006).

Issue °0 is an edition of 1000 signed and numbered copies. Issue °0 is published and produced by Snöfrid and Tensta Konsthall.




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