Ylva Ogland


Ylva Ogland's "Snöfrid Ruby Distillery", Performa '09 at Swiss Institute, NY, Nov. 3rd-7th, 4-8pm, Nov. 8th, 2-8pm.

“The Ruby is for the core of Lust…for the connection to the uncontrolled controlled”. The artist’s mirror twin, Snöfrid, will enter the earthly world through an ancient alchemical process, a distillate with rubies. “We serve me from the distillery, so that you can drink me.“ Snöfrid, Treriksröset, 02-10-2009.

Ylva Ogland: Venus At Her Mirror
September 6-September 30, 2007

SNÖFRID at // PERFORMA 07, New York City
World premiere: SNÖFRID #0

Oct 30th, 8-10 PM at SMITH-STEWART & FRUIT & FLOWER DELI, 53 Stanton St.

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Ylva Ogland
Installation view of "Behind the Shadows - Snöfrid with the Oracle of Fruit and Flower Deli on their Odyssey", A project by Bernier/Eliades, 2009 at ReMap 2, a contemporary art program paralell to the 2nd Athens Biennial, 2009.

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